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Flowbirthing Mentorin Janina Keller

The beginning of a new
era of birth and motherhood


Are you ready to let go of old fears about birth and becoming a mother ?

What if it was possible to transform them into confidence in your inner female strength, wisdom and  unique soulpower?

Flowbirthing Janina Keller

Your empowering way into confidence in your inner female wisdom and your bodys´ capacity to give birth. For a happy, self-informed birth and a gentle start in this life in full dignity.


So much more than a method of mental birth preparation.

FlowBirthing is a way of holistic personality development in pregnancy, birth and postpartum.


FlowBirthing combines ancient female wisdom knowledge and evidence-based current information.


It offers tools and techniques to tune in physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to prepare the mother and her baby for birth.

FlowBirthing supports you to transform fears and worries about birth and helps you gain confidence in your inner wisdom and be abe to fully reacces your female power. 

Every birth is unique. FlowBirthing strengthens your intuition and your confidence to find your own personal way of birth. 

FlowBirthing empowers you as a woman and mother to give your baby the best possible start into life.

FlowBirthing assumes birth can be a unique, powerful, joyful and spiritual experience that can deeply strengthen a woman. 

Flowbirthing Mentorin Janina Keller Schwangerschaft und Geburt

What is FlowBirthing about?


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female wisdom elevation flowbirthing Janina Keller
1 : 1 female wisdom elevation

Your FlowBirthing 1 : 1 mentoring

female wisdom elevation flowbirthing Janina Keller
female wisdom elevation

Your FlowBirthing online programme  in the circle of a soulmama sisterhood.

1:1 Mentoring flowbirthing Janina Keller
premium mentorship

8 week premium 1 : 1 mentoring

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