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I´m  Janina


While everything changes around you I am by yours side and support you professionally and lovingly on your journey into being a woman and a mother. 

Doula, Yogateacher &

Flowbirthing Mentor

The phase of pregnancy, birth and the first weeks and months as a new mother are one of the most transformative and vulnerable times in the life of a woman. 

It is my passion, to accompany women during this special phase and transition  and to empower them to walk their very own path of the journey in a confident way. During the postpartum time I support young mothers to have a gentle and smooth transition into their new role of life. 


More about Janina

Professionelle supported from the very beginning  


Before starting my activities as a doula, I worked in the field of primary & easy childhood education (B.A.). and as a systemic councellor (DGSF). 

After a two year period of working in the area of special needs I built a childrens´and family centre with a team of 20 professionals in my team between the years of 2013 and 2020. This was enabled through a major project that was funded by the land of Baden-Württemberg which focussed on inclusion in early childhood.

Especially towards the end of my activities in the children's and family centre the main focus of my work lay in the councelling and support of young families from birth onwards. 

This includes working with the systemic approach around the challenges of raising children and parenthood while balancing individual and family life. 

Through the long years of experience in the field of early childhood I can draw from a vast range of knowledge and experience to support parents in a mindful and bonding-orientated approach of living together. 

On request I can bring in these professional resources in my work as a doula.  This might be especially relevant if parents are looking for more holistic and mindfulness based solutions for challenges around reading the babies signals and responding accordingly. 

Durch meine langjährige Erfahrung im frühpädagogischen Bereich kann ich auf einen großen Wissens- und Erfahrungsschatz im Bereich der bindungs- und beziehungsorientierten Ansätze und Erkenntnisse zurück greifen. Bei Bedarf kann ich diese fachlichen Ressourcen in meine Begleitungen als Doula und in alle weiteren Unterstützungsangbote mit einfliessen lassen. Dies ist im Besonderen von Bedeutung, wenn Eltern nach ganzheitlichen und "achtsamkeitsbasierten" Lösungen für die Herausforderungen mit ihren Babies suchen oder die kindlichen Signale neu deuten lernen möchten. 

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Beside the modern techniques of systemic councelling one heart piece of my work and doula support are my additional qualifications in the areas in the areas yoga and ayurveda around the topics of being a woman, a life in cyclical balance, fertility, pregnancy, birth and motherhood.  

The holistic support in combination with the traditional womens teachings and yoga support women to be prepared to move into birth and motherhood on all different levels. 


For more wellbeing and vitality for women. 

For self determined, empowered birth in dignity and and a gently start into the new life. 


I look forward to support you and your partner on your very individual journey


Yours Janina 


Aus- und Fortbildungen 


  • Systemische Beratung (2 jährig DGSF)

  • Primarpädagogin B.A. Schwerpunkt Frühe Kindheit


  • Doula Training (Nurturing Birth London) 

  • Supporting Every birth - Child loss (Nurturing Birth) 

  • Traumatic Birth Recovery: Traumabewältigung nach Geburt (Alex Heath, College of Perinatal emotional health)

  • Mindful breastfeeding practitioner (Anne LaGrange, Mindful breastfeeding school)

  • Biomechanics for birth (supporting optimal positioning for birth) (Midwife Molly O´Brien)

  • Placenta Encapsulation Specialist (i.A.)

  • Ayurveda Postpartum Doula Training (Akasha Ayurveda )

  • Ayurveda Postpartum Doula Training (Inner Sun & Moon) 

  • Ayurvedische Schwangerschaft- Rückbildung- & Frauenmassage (Akasha Ayurveda)

  • Ayurvedic Rituals for pregnancy (Dr. Sairupa)

  • Female Ayurveda (Rolling Tiger)

  • Ayurveda Lifestyle Educator Training (Bhakti Rose )

  • Prä- und Postnatal Yogalehrerin (Shuniya Schule)

  • Prä- und Postnatal Training (Akasha Ayurveda)

  • Kundalini Yoga Lehrerin (Stufe 1 +2 Shuniya Schule 

  • Frauenkreis- und Ritualleiterin (Akasha Ayurveda) 

  • Frauenkreis- und Ritualleiterin (Anoushka Florence)


Yoga Nidra

Download my yogic deep relaxation here to create more vitality, serenity, and strength during your pregnancy & take time to deeply connect to your baby. 

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