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Doula Janina Keller Konstanz und online

Doula empowerment

in German & Englisch language;
online and in person 

Supporting LGBTQ families 

"If a doula were a drug it would be unethical not to use it." 
Dr. John H. Kennel

What is a

The term "Doula" derives from the greek word meaning servant of a woman.

In ancient times and even today in various cultures, birthing women were being supported emotionally  and surrounded by experienced and wise women. In order to focus on looking after their newborn, their healing and restoring of energy, women were also nurtured by a caring and protective circle of women during the postpartum period. In our modern culture the importance of this precious time has been widely forgotten. Very often young mothers are left alone with the baby, other children and daily life at a very early stage. This is the gap that a doula can fill in by offering emotional and practical support during this deeply transformational time to give you and your baby the best possible start into this life. 

Doula Janina Keller Konstanz und online Deutsch und Englisch

As a doula I support you and your family on your journey of motherhood through your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period.  My services are free of any medical responsability and can be understood as a great add on to the support that you get from midwives and obstetricians.

The focus of my work is on your emotional, practical and spiritual wellbeing, because you are very well looked after and nurtured you will also be able to nurure your baby better and regain your personal energy. If needed, I support you in taking self-determined decisions according to evidence-based facts and your own intuition or do signposting.

know your rights
reclaim your power

Good reasons for doula support

Various studies around continuous support during birth are proving the incredible difference a doula might make for birth and the early postpartum period: 

Doula Janina Keller Konstanz und online Deutsch und Englisch
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50% less risk of getting a cesarian 

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41 % reduced risk of needing a forceps birth

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28% reduced demand of painkillers and anaesthesia

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60% reduced rate of epidurals

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25% shorter length of birth

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39% less likely to receive labour inducing medicine 

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33% lower rate of women being dissatisfied with their birth

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References pointing towards any easier start adaptation and healing in the postpartum period.

(the figures were extracted from the study, „Continuous support of women during birth“ carried out by the Cochrane Collaboration 2017)

Regenbogen Supporting LGBTQ families

LGBTQ famillies


Doula Services

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Doula Janina Keller Konstanz und online Deutsch und Englisch

online and in person empowerment during your pregnancy

Doula Janina Keller Konstanz und online Deutsch und Englisch

currently there is only a very limited capacity of online support. Send me a message if you are interested.

Doula Janina Keller Konstanz und online Deutsch und Englisch

online and in person empowerment during your postpartum period


"Happy healthy and holy beginnings

for a happy healthy and holy future generation."

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