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FlowBirthing 1 : 1 mentoring

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flowbirthing female wisdom elevation Janina Keller

FlowBirthing programme

a 1 : 1 call which might be chosen during pregnancy or after birth

additional calls may be booked

5 group calls of 2,5 hours 

including 1 call with your birth partner 

topic: birth support and postpartum planning 

ad ons:
female wisdom whatsapp support with daily inspiration 

FlowBirthing book (german only) 

audiofiles of the meditations 

digital workbook 

mama blessing ritual

Discover your inner strength with FlowBirthing.

In the FlowBirthing programme we are creating a powerful access into your inner female power and confidence within your bodys capacity. Every week we are focussing on a main topic to uncover ancient female wisdom knowledge that has been forgotten.

among the topics are:

knowledge around the miracle of the female body with its hormonal changes and ways to support it

training of a mindful connection towards your body 

creating a positive mindset towards birth and motherhood

powerful meditations, rituals and excercises

creating a deep connection with your baby

Your fears and worries are valued and are being transformed in confidence and joy.

Between the calls you will get inpirational excercises which take you through the process. 

At the  end of the programme you will be able to experience a short personal mum blessing, so that you can have a confident and empowered birth.

Your investment
1200 € inkl. Mwst. /  1300SFr
Some health insurances cover some of the costs, just reach out to see if this applies to your insurance as well.

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