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Doula empowerment 
During your pregnancy

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„Good beginnings make a positive difference in the world, so it is worth our while to provide the best possible care for mothers and babies throughout this extraordinarily influential part of life.“

Ina May Gaskin


  • 6 appointments of 90 min before birth 

  • Email and Text support 

  • possibly fields of support:

  • Ayurvedic and holisitic wellness massages and treatments 

  • creating a birth plan including a plan B,

  • breathing techniques for birth 

  • preparation of the birth partner 

  • Essentials list for your ideal birth environment in the clinic, birthing centre or at home 

  • essentials for breastfeeding / feeding a baby

  • Affirmations for pregnancy and birth 

  • essential oils for pregnancy and birth

  • preparing for postpartum for the whole family 

  • prenatal yoga in 1:1

  • option of systemic councelling 

  • and more 

  • 1100 € / CHF

This is an example package of my most holistic way of support. We can tailor a package according to your individual needs, depending on where you are at on your journey of pregnancy. 

Pregnancy support
online & in person in and around Konstanz & Kreuzlingen

 Abhyanga Wellnessmassage 

During the time of pregnancy, women in ayurveda are being especially nourished and cared for. 

The ayurvedic and deeply relaxing and ayurvedic massages support the body during pregnancy while preparing it very gently for birth. 

At the same time they give a woman an emotional and warming stability and nourished a woman on all levels of being. 


The massages take place in my beautiful doula space that offers warmth and a protective environment. 


90 Minutes = 140 € (inklusiding the self made ayurvedic massage oil) 

ABO: 3 appointments 330 €/ CHF

in der Schwangerschaft


single Doula 1 : 1
online & vor Ort im Raum Konstanz, Kreuzlingen

"empowered Mum" Doula support (pregnancy & postpartum) 
online & vor Ort im Raum Konstanz, Kreuzlingen

If you are looking for a single appointment of emotional and informational support to move through a schallange during pregnancy or postpartum, or are uncertain if long term support is the right thing for you an online or in person 1 : 1 session. 


60 min 100€ / 100 CHF

This is a special price point package if you are looking for support through your pregnancy and postpartum time. 

2500 CHF / € 


Was andere Mamas sagen.. 

Liebe Janina, 

ich wollte Dir nochmal so danken für die wundervolle Zeit auf allen Ebenen gestern!! <3

Wir haben nach der Massage noch den gesamten restlichen Tag zu dritt unter der Wärmelampe gekuschelt und ich war so entspannt wie schon lange nicht mehr. 1000 Dank auch nochmal für das wertvolle Geburtsgespräch und Deine Anregungen. Ich freue mich schon, zum Abschluss des Wochenbetts ein Ritual mit Dir zu machen.  


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