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Doula female empowerment Yoga Janina Keller

  Ayurveda Doula &   systemische Beratung   

Pregnancy * Birth * Postpartum * 1st year of life
 in person around Kreuzlingen, Zurich & Konstanz  
online around the world

German and English speaking

Bist Du bereit?
hallo werdende Mama
hi, ich bin

Hello. dear mum to be,
great you are here

Are you pregnant for the first time and are rather anxious about the birth? Do you suspect that birth and becoming a mama must also be different from what you generally think about it  told?  ​

Have you already had a difficult birth behind you and would like a different experience this time? 

Would you like to go to the next level and experience pregnancy, childbirth and the first holy weeks of arrival in a new consciousness and connect with your female soul power?  

Have you just become a mom and would you like a holistic, nourishing and loving accompaniment in the puerperium?  

Would you like to give yourself as mom, your baby and your family the best possible and gentlest start into your new life?


Would you like a holistic personal accompaniment on your way, which empowers you to come into your strength and this way in a circle  to a female and empowering soulrise sisterhood community?

Doula flowbirthing Mentorin prä- und postnatal Yoga Janina Keller

I´m Janina

As a doula, yogateacher,  flowbirthing mentor and systemic coach I am helping pregnant women mentally, emotionally and spiritually on their journey of motherhood For a self-determinded and happy birth in dignity and a very soft start into this life.


It is my passion to accompany you in this incredibly precious and important but sometimes also turbulent time on a holistic level. With all ambivalent feelings that may arise.  Besides offering my services as a doula and systemic coach, I am sharing some of the most powerful tools and techniques to support you stepping into your full confidence and power 


female wisdom knowledge & yogic technology


I am looking forward towards being by your side developping your full light potential and let it shine towards your baby, your family and the whole world.



My services do not replace the support of a midwife or medical / psychotherapeutical care. It adds on to your emotional wellbeing and support on a holistic level. I do not offer any promises on potential developments of birth outcomes.

In order to maintain a fluent language I constantly use the term of mother. My services can be understood as an inclusive offering, that honours diversity as well as all forms of families and welcomes all.

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